Losers of globalization : A Desirable Life

The vices of the first world are the burden of the third. Globalization has moved forward unevenly and no-one can say where this "New Frontier" is leading us. As the myth of progress continues to perpetuate inequality, oppression and violence, the social landscape becomes increasingly fractured.  Over the past thirty years, we have witness the relationship between capital and labor growing increasingly estranged, and living standards falling with the deindustrialization and the outsourcing of labor to less developed nations. These material inequalities are symptoms of a world reduced to the bottom line, one defined by patterns of peace and war, material inequalities and transnational divisions of labour handicapped by its own historical/institutional (dis)placement. The violence of globalization is both economic and cultural. In integrating the singularity of forms (languages, culture, etc) within a culture of difference, the universal is bound to reject and marginalize.