Truth is Beauty, beauty is truth- that is all you know.  Yet, illusion won’t save us from reality, even as the sustained narrative of tabloids becomes history and the myth of progress continues to perpetuate violence and inequality.  Globalization has moved forward unevenly and no one can say where this "New Frontier" is taking us.  Our time is marked by deindustrialization and the exploitation of cheap labor,  climate change and clean coal, nationalism and a refugee crisis.   The skeletons of old factories serve as caveats of a world increasingly reduced to a bottom line.  Yet, these portents are drowned out by the white noise of the media, which lure us in with the empty promises it proposes for the future it truncates. The transformation of the global landscape under the weight of industrialization is central to my work, as is the residual of consumption, the mutability of history and the material inequalities of a world reduced to a bottom line. Her photographic work is united by its unconventional exploration of semiology and its role in cementing a cultural phenomenology of consumerism, corporal commodification and a mythology of a fictional past  In its inexhaustible invention of deduction and speculation, the medium of capturing moving and still images is nothing more than a chemically processed imprint causally connected to reality-  bound to neither truth nor objectivity, but the subjective and universal. The story of my life is the story of the world.