Traverse Vidéo 2018

Traverse Vidéo 2018 | 21st edition - March 2018 in Toulouse

The experimental is already begun? It is a false question, since it is a question of how to work, it is a question of how to make it work, to make it. An affirmation that plays and that will cause some to think of Lemaitre in this echo of The film is already started? Cinematographic action to break the boundaries of the screen and to make film. How to refuse this echo since the program wants to recognize works-matrices of the experimental and to return to the sources of the goal but also the proposals that worry about the material, the medium, who think the work in its materiality.

Traverse Vidéo 2018 which will be held March 7 to 31, 2018 in several cultural places in Toulouse (France) and its region.

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